Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Yes Evan, we just purchased one

Such a helper

Although it still feels like we are living in an episode of "Hoarders", our home has become more and more settled. Many thanks to those who helped. Many many thanks to you, Miller, for helping the most.
He's helped with the laundry.
He's helped unpack.
He's helped with furniture placement.
But there's always time for snacks,
catching up with visitors,
playing with Daddy,

Thank you Miller. It's been so great to have you help out this week.

We'll see how much of a help he'll be next week when I have to clean out the old apartment.

Hope all is settled into place in your worlds!

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Moving and Shaking

After discovering EMBARRASSING and borderline life threatening amounts of dust bunnies, the move to the new place was rather successful. And by "successful" I mean that no one had to get a tetanus shot, use duct tape or had allergic reactions to five days of pizza.

Things are mostly unpacked. Not necessarily put away, but at least out of boxes and in its proper room. Mostly.


Miller napping in HIS OWN ROOM!!

Speaking of moving and shaking. Look who's standing (and pulling himself up in his crib) all BY HIMSELF!

Where has Camera Obscura been all my life?

And why am I just now discovering them? Maybe it's because I am obsessed with all things French and/or romantic, but this video is tugging on my heartstrings. I hope you enjoy it as much as I do.

Seriously people, I need help. I am musically naive/ignorant/desperate.

What's that you say? You are going to make me a mixtape to introduce me to bands I should have discovered five years ago? That's so sweet of you!

P.S. Camera Obscura has a video with a dance montage. You should really check it out. I must warn you though; prepare for cuteness overkill.

Thursday, February 11, 2010

This Old House

It's here.
The weekend.
The move.

But alongside this excitement and hope for our new home, there is a sadness in leaving the old one. I'm not ready to reminisce just yet. Instead I'll let a poem I wrote a few years ago for my Nana (when she moved out of the house she shared with my Papa) speak for me. For now anyway.

In just a key

…click clack screens welcome tiled stages and warm coat piles.
…blue, white, sweet linens melt away the well worn tire.
…eggs, popcorn, and turkey sandwiches settle alongside shoes on staircases.

…fast forward only works through VCRs not tiny wrists promised fifty cents for five minutes.
…adventure and responsibility are met by postage stamps and train whistles.
…six hundred and eight cracks wait for skipping feet and reluctant vacuums.

…tap dancing typewriters settle while bright eyes peek into jewelry boxes.
…rubber gloves contain hours of lists, anxiety, and frozen fudge.
…patient barstools and burly toasters laugh alongside taunting telephones.

…invisible spiders stalk from brown grocery bags while crickets haunt once empty grasses.
…stone fires melt into twelve different stories from a wrinkled recliner.
…red paint seeks grace, freedom, redemption in the form of silk scarves and asphalt.

…hummingbirds swarm to warmed concrete and listen to faint tales of wanderlust.
…pink sponged curls prep for Tetley, sets of three, and the occasional buttered gram cracker.
…midnight calls out the secrets of quiet toes, while feet sip memories from porcelain cups.

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Working hard around here

Boxes are stacked throughout the living room and meals are starting to get creative as we attempt to empty the fridge and cupboards. Anyone have any recipes that involve eggplant, blackberry jam and cream cheese?

Sunday, February 7, 2010


Because our house is a hurricane of boxes, packing tape and dust bunnies, I've been retreating to design blogs to inspire me as I plan the layout of our new space. We get the keys in just a few days and I can feel my skin itch with excitement as I think about the fact that we almost double our square footage.

Although this website I found through another design blog has nothing to do with extra kitchen counter space, sunlit living rooms or empty hallway walls, I am obsessed! Can someone PLEASE get engaged so I can make this brooch bouquet!!!??
(Fantasy Floral Designs)

Thursday, February 4, 2010

Love is in the air

We had the pleasure of babysitting the other night and Miller was absolutely smitten with Baby Beatrice. He was so giddy sharing his toys and his crawling blanket with her. Only 7 months old and he's already losing it around a pretty girl.

Because Valentine's day is so near, I helped him get some ideas for treats he may want to give his special someone(s) in the future. The very FAR future.

(Sweet Harvey)

Get your back braces ready! We're moving!

So exciting!! Who's ready to help us next weekend???
Stay tuned for pictures and posts about moving stress.


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