Friday, July 29, 2011

Friday! Friday! Friday!

A shift in the weather lowered the temperature just a few degrees these last few days.
Which in turn, shifted me a few degrees.  A few LOT of degrees.

I can see the outlines of my anklebones again.
I don't feel like a sweaty hobbit around 5pm anymore.
And I've had energy to catch up on (or start) some much needed nesting projects I had hoped to finish by the end of this month.

Enjoy a few teaser photos of the kids' room we're hoping to finish this weekend.
And of course, enjoy a picture of some socks too while you are at.

I'm wishing you have an ankle viewing, less sweaty, productively wonderful, celebratory, socky kind of weekend ahead of you as well.

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Monday Motivators (on a Tuesday)

While I am grateful and still loving a million things this week, I'm in a funky funky mood and desperately need some extra pick me ups.

I'm in that late stage of pregnancy where one stops feeling "cute pregnant" and is now "puffy, uncomfortable and limited pregnant".  (Remember how puffy I was before?)  I've also just been lately diagnosed with gestational diabetes and even though I know that it's just genetics and a roll of the dice, I'm having a hard time not feeling like it's my fault for enjoying milkshakes, lemonbars, and olive oil grilled country white bread on a regular basis.  Shame can play funny tricks on this gal.

Needless to say, I'm not enjoying this.  At least yesterday I wasn't.

And yes, I know how amazing and truly blessed I am to be able to take part in this awesome miracle.  I wouldn't trade it no matter how comfortable and energized someone could make me right now.  It's all so SO worth it.  But I'm also allowing myself little windows to so SO complain about it too.  I am only human. :)

So today I'm looking elsewhere for motivators.  I hope these etsy quotes perk your spirits the way they are doing mine.
{Den 10 Studio-Dr. Seuss quote 11x14 limited edition print}
{M Bart Studios- The Little Prince quote 8x8 clock}
{Lofty Mornings- Van Gogh quote 8x10 print}
{Lulu Bug Jewelry- Compass rose and "Invictus" poem quote necklace}
{Raw Art Letterpress- Winnie the Pooh Giclee print}
{Lindsay Dud- hand embroidered quote}
Tomorrow is a new day.
Hell, the next hour is a new day.
I'm planning on smiling through all of it.

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Two'in it up

I had grand schemes.

Rustic jars with burlap and pebble tablescapes.  Papercut camping scenes throughout the food table.  Butcher paper ribbons streaming in the breeze.  Homemade mini pies.  Toilet paper roll binoculars.  Vintage sheets turned into tented sanctuaries.  S'more pops.

I had grand schemes.

Then I remembered that he's 2.  And I'm 9 months pregnant.  And everything doesn't need to look like it's out of a magazine or event planning blog.

Evan and I re-focused our tasks and made sure we had the basics for a great party - good food, cold beverages, shade from the heat, and plenty of room for lots of littles to run off all those sweets.

The day was perfect.

And I know Miller thought so as well.

Monday, July 18, 2011

Monday Motivators

some of my own simple pleasures this week... what's on your list?

after almost 8 years of marriage, evan has finally successfully killed a spider in our home. i can sleep peacefully tonight.  and by "sleep peacefully" i mean "sleep for hour and a half increments until I'm woken by a leg cramp, a full bladder, and/or a kung fu master in training gestating baby."

making plans with some birthday gift certificates.  hello, ice cream maker!  hello, letterpress classes!  hello, reintroducing myself to my sewing machine!

seeing family and celebrating lives

cringing and giggling everytime miller says "frog" or "clock".   i really hope we never see a "frog clock" in public.

on my list of tasks to do this week: pack a bag for the hospital, wash baby clothes, nap

attempting to get a family picture after your 2 year old has eaten about 14 oreos

Thursday, July 14, 2011

2 years and a lifetime

Two years ago today I was confined to a bed, full of fluids and drugs and a heart full of chaos.
Chaos that grounds me.
Chaos that humbles me.
Chaos that loves me.
I proudly and joyfully feel blessed to share him with the world.

Happy birthday, Miller!

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Karen Carpenter just popped up on shuffle reminding me of TOMMY BOY

I'm drinking an iced coffee.
Miller's "sweeping" the floor with a foam sword and making monkey sounds.
It's almost noon and we're still in our pajamas.

So far 32 is shaping up to be a good year...

P.S. Do you think our dog, Heidi, and Miller can make me this cake before Evan gets home from work?
{Via Ohdeedoh}
P.P.S.  In all seriousness, each year gets better and better.  Challenges and hopes often dip and swirl, but with each new day I fall more and more in love with what the sunrise brings me.  

P.P.P.S.  Remember this birthday post from last year?  It's funny how so many things are exactly the same, and yet so completely new.  :)

from all my heart, 
thank you for reading me.  
Thank you for inspiring me.

Monday, July 11, 2011

Monday Motivators

2 birthdays (Miller's and mine).  1 week.  Lots of great plans.  Most of them involve eating and I couldn't be more excited about that!  One of them might be filling Miller's room with a good morning balloon surprise on Thursday.

I'm taking my leave of absence from work a few weeks earlier than I had anticipated.  Let's hope I can waddle around long enough these last few weeks to actually use this ownership of time in being productive.  Naps and watching Food Network (my favorite!) count as being productive, right?

Anticipation, anxiety and hope that owning a home in Los Angeles might be a sooner chapter in our lives than we had thought...  It's already hard to not start thinking obsessing about paint colors and farmhouse sinks.

Did you see Miller's stamp invite DIY featured on Ohdeedoh this week?

I'm so bummed I missed this show.  Check out the setlist on page 2.  P.S. Evan, Ukulele Songs is on my birthday wishlist. You still have time...

Playing "Deserted island- what and who would you take?" and finding out some interesting facts about your significant other.  Really?!  REALLY?!!

Best of all this week- siblings!
{Miller, July 2009; "Girl", July 2011.  You think they are related?}

Friday, July 8, 2011

One Hundred and Three

My great grandmother passed away yesterday. 
103 years young.
Passionate about all my own favorite vices- chocolate, celebrities, clothes, jewelry, shoes, purses, storytelling...
She spoke her mind often. 
She whispered prayers louder.

Peaceful and rested she's moving on, embracing, living.

Celebrate this next step, Grandma O.

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Monday Motivators (on a Tuesday)

Something happened after I had Miller.  Even started during my pregnancy with him.  Something I refer to as "getting all Mama Bear".

The idea, the feeling, the knowledge that if I needed to, I would have the strength to move a car, fight a lion, tear through walls to protect my family.  A strength I never knew I had until a little one came along.

A strength I hope I will never have to access.

We watched WAITING FOR SUPERMAN last night.  And while, like most documentaries, there were holes or unexplained statistics, it still hit at the core of my Mama Bearness.

Only deeper.  In a spot that fears I cannot protect.

How do you keep your kids from being disappointed?  Heartbroken?  Rejected?

In my own life I try to take one day at a time.  One fear at a time.  One challenge at a time.  But I would gladly take on all of theirs at once if I knew it would shelter them.

We'll have a house someday.
With a yard.
A shady tree.
A tinkering garage. 
An automatic ice maker freezer.
A place to check in after a bike ride.
A warm cookie filled kitchen after turning in a science project.
An open hug and clean sheets for guests to rest on.
A hearth.
A home.
A shelter.

I'll fight the battles I can.
I'll rip to shreds the battles I can.
I'll humbly hold out my heart for the ones I cannot.

Friday, July 1, 2011

Have a wonderful Fourth of July weekend!

I'm busy today trying to find the perfect sophisticated and yet awesomely nostalgic outfit to wear to the New Kids on the Block & Back Street Boys concert tonight.

Yep, you read that right.  Don't be jealous.

Besides trying to find some sweet fluorescent puffy paint t-shirts, my weekend is already looking to be a great one. 

I hope yours is too!


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