Monday, July 18, 2011

Monday Motivators

some of my own simple pleasures this week... what's on your list?

after almost 8 years of marriage, evan has finally successfully killed a spider in our home. i can sleep peacefully tonight.  and by "sleep peacefully" i mean "sleep for hour and a half increments until I'm woken by a leg cramp, a full bladder, and/or a kung fu master in training gestating baby."

making plans with some birthday gift certificates.  hello, ice cream maker!  hello, letterpress classes!  hello, reintroducing myself to my sewing machine!

seeing family and celebrating lives

cringing and giggling everytime miller says "frog" or "clock".   i really hope we never see a "frog clock" in public.

on my list of tasks to do this week: pack a bag for the hospital, wash baby clothes, nap

attempting to get a family picture after your 2 year old has eaten about 14 oreos

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