Monday, July 11, 2011

Monday Motivators

2 birthdays (Miller's and mine).  1 week.  Lots of great plans.  Most of them involve eating and I couldn't be more excited about that!  One of them might be filling Miller's room with a good morning balloon surprise on Thursday.

I'm taking my leave of absence from work a few weeks earlier than I had anticipated.  Let's hope I can waddle around long enough these last few weeks to actually use this ownership of time in being productive.  Naps and watching Food Network (my favorite!) count as being productive, right?

Anticipation, anxiety and hope that owning a home in Los Angeles might be a sooner chapter in our lives than we had thought...  It's already hard to not start thinking obsessing about paint colors and farmhouse sinks.

Did you see Miller's stamp invite DIY featured on Ohdeedoh this week?

I'm so bummed I missed this show.  Check out the setlist on page 2.  P.S. Evan, Ukulele Songs is on my birthday wishlist. You still have time...

Playing "Deserted island- what and who would you take?" and finding out some interesting facts about your significant other.  Really?!  REALLY?!!

Best of all this week- siblings!
{Miller, July 2009; "Girl", July 2011.  You think they are related?}

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