Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Monday Motivators (on a Tuesday)

While I am grateful and still loving a million things this week, I'm in a funky funky mood and desperately need some extra pick me ups.

I'm in that late stage of pregnancy where one stops feeling "cute pregnant" and is now "puffy, uncomfortable and limited pregnant".  (Remember how puffy I was before?)  I've also just been lately diagnosed with gestational diabetes and even though I know that it's just genetics and a roll of the dice, I'm having a hard time not feeling like it's my fault for enjoying milkshakes, lemonbars, and olive oil grilled country white bread on a regular basis.  Shame can play funny tricks on this gal.

Needless to say, I'm not enjoying this.  At least yesterday I wasn't.

And yes, I know how amazing and truly blessed I am to be able to take part in this awesome miracle.  I wouldn't trade it no matter how comfortable and energized someone could make me right now.  It's all so SO worth it.  But I'm also allowing myself little windows to so SO complain about it too.  I am only human. :)

So today I'm looking elsewhere for motivators.  I hope these etsy quotes perk your spirits the way they are doing mine.
{Den 10 Studio-Dr. Seuss quote 11x14 limited edition print}
{M Bart Studios- The Little Prince quote 8x8 clock}
{Lofty Mornings- Van Gogh quote 8x10 print}
{Lulu Bug Jewelry- Compass rose and "Invictus" poem quote necklace}
{Raw Art Letterpress- Winnie the Pooh Giclee print}
{Lindsay Dud- hand embroidered quote}
Tomorrow is a new day.
Hell, the next hour is a new day.
I'm planning on smiling through all of it.


mary said...

such a great post, amy! thanks for including my clock. -mb.

MamaMeg said...

GD Sucks and I totally blamed myself for eating gigantic burritos every day during my first pregnancy but during my second I ate way better and gained less weight and still got it so don't blame yourself and don't let them scare you everything will be fine. Breyers Carb Smart bars are your friends:)

Cassie said...

So true. Being super pregnant gets lame and sometimes we just need some Etsy.


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