Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Two'in it up

I had grand schemes.

Rustic jars with burlap and pebble tablescapes.  Papercut camping scenes throughout the food table.  Butcher paper ribbons streaming in the breeze.  Homemade mini pies.  Toilet paper roll binoculars.  Vintage sheets turned into tented sanctuaries.  S'more pops.

I had grand schemes.

Then I remembered that he's 2.  And I'm 9 months pregnant.  And everything doesn't need to look like it's out of a magazine or event planning blog.

Evan and I re-focused our tasks and made sure we had the basics for a great party - good food, cold beverages, shade from the heat, and plenty of room for lots of littles to run off all those sweets.

The day was perfect.

And I know Miller thought so as well.

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