Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Dear Santa... (Kids' edition)

It will still be a few years before these kids really understand Christmas and gifting and wishlists of their own, so I'm glad Evan and I still have a bit of control over what toys or special gifts we want them to play with.  (Even though it never fails that Miller's favorites are often the dollar bin extras at target.)

Until our two little ones start asking for the trend of the moment toy, I'm hoping Santa's filling their stockings with some of these classic and handcrafted goodies this year.
{Pirate Ship Wood Pull Toy by Armadillo Dreams}
{Custom Fancie Heroes and Villains by Fancie Fannies}
{The Car Kit by Fidoodle}
{Giraffe Pillow by Kate Durkin}
{Transportation Matching Game by Little Sapling Toys}
{Heirloom Growth Chart by Miss Natalie}
{Cupcake Cutie Embroidered Onesie by Posh Plums}
Santa should probably also get on top of making sure her own children have felt books too...
{Custom Felt Name Book by To Be the Bird}

Monday, November 28, 2011

Monday Motivators

A long week of work and missing my usual daily routine stretched me SUPER thin last week.  I was infinitely thankful for family and family feasts to re-ignite my sagging spirit. 

I hope your feastings refreshed you as well.

Monday, November 14, 2011

Monday Motivators

Feeling blessed because you've just realized that discovering your voice is a lifelong adventure...

Wednesday, November 9, 2011

What I'd rather be wearing...

On mornings when we don't need to be anywhere, it's not unusual for me to wear pajamas until the early afternoon (once the kids are both napping and I can attempt a real shower).

Today has been one of those mornings.  The music on my itunes is inspiring a day filled with plans.
And a couple of great (non pajama, but just as effortless) outfits to match.

Tell me, dear readers, what are you listening to that's opening your eyes to a closet filled with action?

*to see further outfit details visit me at polyvore

(Monday) Motivators

I've been a little "off" this week.
Instead of turning this space into a place I vent and complain, I decided to take a break from here until my head was a little clearer.  Luckily, thankfully, peacefully, it only took a few days and I'm back to my old self. 
The old self that sure does enjoy a comment (or two), so please tell me what's motivating you this week. 
That means you, family, friends, interneters...

As for me, right now I'm inspired by watching little eyes soak in the magic of the everyday. 

Wednesday, November 2, 2011


Miller hated his hat.  And his train box.  And the idea of dressing in a costume.
But then he remembered he loves candy.
He quickly forgot about his troubles. 
 Ivy didn't seem to mind her costume.  She knows a cute outfit when she sees one.

Little, Big Me

There's bigness in this longing to be far from little.
A whole world of big.
Whole bits of little me.

There's tenderness in this longing to be far from little.
A whole rooted tree.
Whole limbs of longing me.

There's hope in this longing to be far from little.
A whole wide road.
Maps laid out in front of me.
Some days I wonder why I blog.
Here's this tiny space for me.
Here's this tiny voice for me.
I share my life.
Pictures of my family.
My heart.

But why?

Today it's because I feel very small. Sometimes that makes me feel an emptiness. An unsatisfied wanderlust. A list of goals so far from reach.
Instead, today it's making me crave bigness in goals I can meet-

Read one book a month.
Weekend trips somewhere new each year.
Volunteer- my hands and my heart.
Learn to garden.
Share somewhere bigger than this tiny space.
Finish a quilt.
Enjoy more picnics.
Learn to rollerskate.
Learn how to properly blow dry my hair.
Learn how to not feel awkward at parties.
Conquer yoga classes.
Drink more water.

It's just a start.
But that little start sure helps me feel much bigger.

Why do you blog, read blogs, read my blog? And what is on your little list today?
If you are reading this, then please answer.  Don't be quiet.  I love hearing what you have to say.


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