Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Giving thanks for leftovers

I know it's a little late for thanksgiving leftover recipes, but these were too good (and too easy!) not to share.

Crescent rolls make great savory pockets for leftover turkey, veggies, stuffing, etc. 
I chopped all the leftover goodies I had into little cubes.
Added a tablespoon of cream cheese to bind it all together.
Mixed it all up.
Spooned it onto the dough.
Folded away.
Brushed lightly with an egg wash.
Baked according to crescent roll instructions until golden brown.
Ate delicious "turkey pies" (as Miller called them) for the next few days!

For some sweet leftover crescent rolls goodies...
I mixed a tablespoon each of cream cheese and goat cheese
Spread the cheese mixture onto the rolled out crescent roll (pressing together the perforations).
Spread a top layer of leftover stirred cranberry sauces (homemade and canned).
Rolled up and cut into pinwheels.
Baked according to crescent roll instructions until golden brown.
These were gone in a matter of hours.  :)

I hope you had as many lovely leftover treats and memories as we did!

Enjoying the moments

I've spent the last month soaking up a lot of moments.  Choosing my free time to write, nap, snuggle, play, and occasionally pick up around our little home.

I often read so many other blogs and websites to find inspiration, but lately I was feeling overwhelmed that so many other people were somehow doing "it" [life] so much better than me.  I immediately pulled myself away from the computer screen to allow myself some distance from that envy.  Distance to spend on myself and my family and our great community of friends.

As always, I am refreshed!

I hope you'll enjoy these moments from our annual San Luis Opisbo trip as much as we did!


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