Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Enjoying the moments

I've spent the last month soaking up a lot of moments.  Choosing my free time to write, nap, snuggle, play, and occasionally pick up around our little home.

I often read so many other blogs and websites to find inspiration, but lately I was feeling overwhelmed that so many other people were somehow doing "it" [life] so much better than me.  I immediately pulled myself away from the computer screen to allow myself some distance from that envy.  Distance to spend on myself and my family and our great community of friends.

As always, I am refreshed!

I hope you'll enjoy these moments from our annual San Luis Opisbo trip as much as we did!

1 comment:

Mary Morgan said...

But you are an inspiration to me...just wanted to let you know. You are so very talented. :)


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