Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Just the Beginning

It's only been two and a half months, but already Evan and I can barely remember our lives and who we were before Miller started creating memories with us. This parenting identity is both automatic and earned as we wake each new day and love on this little man. It's all new to us, to me, and my heart stretches every morning just to make room to soak it all in.

For myself, it almost brings me to tears each day when I watch Evan solidify his place as a Daddy for Miller. With just a simple shared smile, I melt.

I am learning.
I am loving.
I am melting.

1 comment:

mimi said...

i am humbled by you and the mom you are becoming...our little miller will be a better man because of parents like you and evan...

p.s. did you know "miller" spelled backwards is "rellim"?...just wanted you to be aware of that useless trivia for future parties.. :D


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