Sunday, October 11, 2009

This whole lack of lengthy sleep thing is really doing a number on my social skills and memory.

Perhaps it's the fact that I talk about myself in third person all day long to a three month old, but lately I feel I've lost the ability to hold a decent conversation with an adult. If you have spent time with me in the last few months and have been victim to my social awkwardness, I do truly and sincerely apologize.

In other news: The other day I spent at least 5 minutes trying to recall the name of "Project Runway". Once "Auf Wiedersehen" and "Top Fashion Designer" were rejected, I finally felt sane again. A half hour later I was humming Christmas carols while rocking Miller to sleep, because "Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star" was too difficult to recall.

I should seriously consider taking some extra vitamins.
Enjoy some more cuteness while I drown my (hopefully) temporary stupidity with some Zinfandel.

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JuHalt said...

I'm glad that Miller, Heidi, and the Dodger onesie weren't all in the same shot because I think my head might have exploded from cute. Also, the "word verification" to submit my comment is "chontang". Just sayin'.


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