Monday, August 2, 2010

Speaking of Wedded Bliss

Here's to seven years of late night giggles, kissable pink cheeks, bathroom habit annoyances, held hands, movie theatre popcorn sharing, flip flop stealing, big dreaming love.

I still know we have a lot more to learn in this life, but I'm so happy I get to soak it all in next to you.

This is the very first picture from our wedding day.  Just Evan, me, the photographer and a whole lot of nerves. Evan had just been instructed to open his eyes, and there I stood, waiting.  (P.S. There is a "1" marked onto my dress because this is a copy of the proof photo.  I was too lazy today to scan the actual photo.  Plus pulling a picture up from a CD is way more stealth with Evan around.)


mimi the zookeeper - said...

i only have one word...tissues.
oh, and beautiful.
and sweet.
and hopeful.
and tender.
and dreams.

to many many more anniversarys. you two deserve it.

Maryrose said...

Beautiful!! Wishing you more happiness on your journey together.


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