Thursday, November 4, 2010

I know I'm not the only woman in the world balancing life, work, relationships and a toddler who refuses to nap, eat, wear clothes, or get his diaper changed.   But some days I feel truly alone in the madness.  It's temporary, easily manageable and lacks a genuine grip on my heart, but it's loud none the less.

Today's been a rough day.  Itunes is doing its best to drown out the Miller whines behind me. 

I am blessed to have such a fantastic partner in all of this.  Evan keeps me grounded when all I want to do is float away.  Evan keeps me dancing when all I want to do is crawl back into bed.  Evan takes our half naked sweaty, screechy kid for walks so I can finally finish my coffee at 4:30pm.

Today's been a rough day. 
But I not alone. 
And that makes me rougher. 


mimi the zookeeper - said...

you. are. not. alone.

Maryrose said...

Ditto what your mom said...I'm surrounding you with love and hugs, and as Scarlett O'Hara has said, "tomorrow is another day!"

ERIN said...

I wish I was closer so that I could help you out more and totally babysit all the time.

Love and miss you guys!

Amy said...

thanks for all the internet hugs everyone! thursday's post was just a way to breathe after a long, no nap, 300 pounds of laundry kind of day. :)


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