Thursday, February 10, 2011

Too Pretty

Years ago one of my creative writing professors gave me some of the best advice- Don't buy pretty journals; you'll never feel like what you have to write in it is worthy enough.

While that advice is true for a place to put your pen to paper, I, unfortunately, feel the same way about a lovely apron someone gave me years ago. All the regular every day cooking shenanigans (chili spaghetti, garlic tomato pizza, potstickers, etc) seem so banal for a ruffley pink bird apron.

Instead a stained, raggedy checkered apron protects my white tees while the birdies sit idly waiting for their turn.  It's downright tragic.  In the meaningless kitchen accessories tragic sort of way.

Since it's Valentine's weekend, maybe I'll dust it off and make some of these, or this, or these, or even some of these.  Hell, chili spaghetti might even get a ruffley upgrade too.

{Anthropologie- Rising Wings Apron}
{Anthropologie- Artist's Lines Apron}
{Sur La Table Vintage Inspired Aprons}

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