Thursday, September 15, 2011

Is it appropriate for a 32 year old to play Barbies on her living room floor?

Because that's exactly what Miller and I did yesterday as we weeded through 2 buckets of my (and my three younger sisters') Barbie dolls that my mom found in her garage. 

I picked through and set aside all my old favorite outfits and teeny accessories (a bike, boomboxes, sunglasses, windsurfing, scuba gear, etc.)  You know all the usual things a gal has in her closet.

While yes, I do agree that Barbie's proportions are a tad unrealistic for a young gal's easily impressionable self esteem, that 11 inch doll is no stronger an influence than movies, tv and advertising can be.  And we know we won't always be shielding Ivy (or Miller for that matter) from all of that.  My hope is that Evan and I can build our kids' positive images of themselves from within the loving, welcoming, unconditional, supportive home we create.

Playing dress-up with Mommy's old Barbie gear can just be a bonus.

Honestly, how AWESOME are these dresses?!
And no Barbie should be without her fanny pack, record player, typewriter, camcorder, and... ashtray?
Even my favorite Barbie (the one with the sweet haircut my older cousin talked me into doing) made it through the rounds of 25 plus years of play. 
What are you excited to share with your family today?


Nessa said...

I had that record player and that orange dress! I wonder if I had an ashtray? Oh how things change.

Kat said...

This post is hilarious. Love the clothes and the accessories are hysterical.


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