Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Yarn Wrapped Bracelets

I've been so inspired by all the colorful yarn wrapped wreaths popping up around etsy and the DIY blog world (see some cute ones here, here and here), that I decided to shrink that inspiration and make some yarn wrapped bracelets for a few of my gals for Christmas.

Each one took me about 5 minutes to make and made for a nice excuse to sit down in front of the tv while the new "Bachelor" was on.

Supplies needed:
bracelets (I used a $4.99 set of 6 bangles from target.)
yarn (each bracelet needed about 3 1/2 feet)
glue (I like this "3-in-1 Advanced craft glue" the best.  It dries clear, smooth when manipulated and actually adheres to felt, yarn and other fabrics rather quickly.)
Just tie the yarn to the bracelet,
wrap over the beginning knot and around tightly until the bracelet is covered,
add a strip of glue the that last half inch of yarn,
and hold tightly for about 30 seconds so the glue has a solid chance to grip.
These would be so much fun in a ton of different colors and variegated threads or fabrics or ribbons too.  I'm now hooked and adding "find various bracelets" to my thrifting hunt list.

What have you been inspired to make lately?

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Dev and Summer said...

Great idea! and great photos, too.


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