Thursday, March 21, 2013


I've been a bit absent from this little blog space these last few months since it's been harder to find quality time for myself that doesn't involve procrastinating down the internet rabbit hole.  Mostly my days have been filled with enjoying the beautiful southern California spring weather or snuggling at home and keeping up with the nesting needs of a family with two kids and a little house.  (Those three days of dishes won't wash themselves, our dog refuses to put away our mountain of laundry, and the dandelion weeds in the yard just get bigger every day.)  Throw in mixed work schedules and suddenly there's a new week and a new list of to dos ahead of us.

For those of you that don't know me personally, my part time job is actually as a "Personal Shopper" for a major retailer.  (I even have little business cards with my name printed on them!)  It's so much fun to play with clothes and to meet and help people update wardrobes for new jobs, events, and/or life changes.  All of it is such a neat way for me to play with my own style while meeting the needs and styles of so many other awesome women.

I've been refreshing some bits of our home lately too.  We've been here almost a year, and even though most projects still have a way to go before the home feels complete, I've found that taking time to spruce up little vignettes throughout our space, helps me feel more at peace with the bigger projects still ahead.

Today I thought I'd break my bloggy silence for a current mix up of some of my favorite home spots and translate them to some of my current favorite outfit inspirations.

Clothing can be so much more than fabric.
Even just segments of a gallery wall in our bedroom can pull out pops of color and a unified feel.  This outfit via Atlantic-Pacific gives me that same feel for color contrasts, ease, and even a sense of movement.  The black heels glam it up, but the more sensible "park chic" mom in me would probably wear some ballet flats instead. :)
Our home is such a mash up of favorite things.  There's no rule that says they need to match.  Which is why I am definitely a fan of mixing prints.  Done too wildly and you can give yourself a headache.  Done just right like this outfit again via Atlantic-Pacific and those favorite pieces in your closet are now best friends.
On afternoons when I'm lucky and both kids are napping, I climb into this chair, procrastinate whatever seems totally boring, and curl up with a book.  The root of this outfit via The Sartorialist is just a pair of flared jeans, simple white tee, and an easy tailored jacket.  It's cozy, effortless, classic, and still has its own personality.
Yellow, gray, and white is ALWAYS a good color combo and I'm definitely a fan of this menswear inspired look via Coco + Kelley using it too.
I know.  I know.  It's a problem.  But what's more of a problem is collecting all of this fun jewelry and not wearing it.  I never, ever want to feel "done up."  So when I want to wear some extra sparkles, I make sure my outfit stays neutral like Olivia Palermo's via Stockholm StreetStyle and let the accessories do all the work.
I might be doing dishes, but I'm definitely daydreaming I'm on vacation instead.  It's a tad short for me to feel comfortable during everyday wear, but, man, oh man, this simple chambray shirtdress again via The Sartorialist is a one I would surely own forever.
We have a lot of vintage elements throughout our home, but I never want it to feel like an antique store in here.  The same goes for any vintage pieces I have in my closet.  If it feels like I'm wearing a costume, the piece will just sit in a dark corner and never be worn.  This outfit via calivintage's Flickr photostream has that sweet vintage feel without making you feel like she's stepped out of a time machine.  She's classic, retro, and yet totally fresh.
Youthful whimsy runs wildly through our house.  And to be honest, did so even before our kids were born.  Is 33 too old to be super excited that the youthful whimsy of overalls is finding their way back into street style again?  I mean we all had Osh Kosh as kids, and we all went through an "obsessed with Felicity Porter" phase in college, right?  But now in my thirties, I can simply throw on a sweet necklace, a foldover clutch, and cuff the hems like this look via Where Did U Get That and I can be so current, right?  Right?   
I'd love to hear where you've been finding your bold or subtle inspiration from lately.  Please share!

Also, these two.  My inspirations at their finest.

Until next time.
XO Amy :)


eRin said...

I love this. Your house is so well-dressed. No surprise, since you're so stylish and you work at one of the most inspiring places for home & fashion style! I might have to ask your professional advice when I revamp my wardrobe - once I'm out of this awkward post-baby phase !

Amy said...

The "awkward post baby phase" is my specialty! Anytime you want wardobe help you can call on me. :)

Mary Morgan said...

I'm a huge fan of the "mix and match," and...I don't really let age define me, either. I go with what I love.

Your home is beautiful, Amy. And you already inspired me to spring clean a few areas with some of your lovely ideas.

Love, love, love your photos, too!

Mary Morgan said...

ooops...forgot to answer your question. Lately, I've been finding inspiration in various painting with vivid colors. From John William Waterhouse to Italian or French landscapes.

krista said...

um, you are pretty fantastic.

mvaughn said...

Loved this! You're so clever! As a fellow overall lover, you should know that I have 2 pair and baby Andie has 3.


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