Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Here's the deal...

I turn 29 in about 6 weeks. Which really means that after I tell people how old I am, their first response will be, "Wow, you're turning 30 next year!" Super! Thanks for reminding me.

Although I am not one to consider 30 near "old", or near "too old" for that matter, I am worried my subconscious might. So in an effort to control the urge to create depressing playlists, stop taking showers, and/ or eat otter pops and pinot grigio for dinner every night, I am creating goals (most mini, some regular size, and one monumental) that I am challenging myself to meet.

Because really my life is founded on challenges, not outcomes. I truly enjoy the journey and just pushing myself to take the steps needed to get there is satisfying enough. Meeting each goal is just a bonus.

This is the philosophy I am hoping my subconscious believes in too.

List to be compiled soon enough...

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