Friday, January 29, 2010


While we are still on the hunt for a bigger place, it's been nice to not have to stress about moving boxes and plastering over nail holes. Since Miller's now consistently sleeping through the night and no longer waking up when we sneak into bed, there's no rush for us to settle on a place just because it fits our budget and need for more walls. We'll find our new home when it's time.

Until then, I'm dreaming about my favorite duplex for sale in our neighborhood. It's just under a million. That's totally doable within our one income teacher budget right?

(This picture from the mls website does not even do it justice. It is by far one of the cutest buildings I've ever seen. Bright yellow, black and white awnings, bougainvilla. It almost hurts your heart it's so cute.)


Summer said...

I saw this place was for sale and totally thought of you guys! Why can't one of us win the lottery and buy it so that we can be neighbors?!

mimi the zookeeper - said...

let's buy lottery tickets together next wednesday!!

erin said...

That's my favorite place too!!!

What if we go in on it together? How seriously close would we be to Joselitos!!!


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