Friday, March 12, 2010

First Tunes

After a particularly rough night with teething Miller (four teeth at once. how is that fair?), I'm forced to remind myself of all the cute things he's doing lately in contrast to his protesting a good night's sleep.

One of his latest tricks is bobbing his head when he hears music. I discovered this at the grocery store the other day when he started swaying to Tom Petty's "American Girl". Not only was I proud to shop in a store that played Tom Petty, but I was also very proud that my kid's first "dance" moment was set to such a great (and in my opinion, classic) song.

I realize he's not going to start having real memories for another couple years, but it got me thinking about my own first memories of music and how music is such an innate love for everyone.

Here are the first musical loves I can remember for your listening and viewing pleasure:

{I remember singing this with my mom driving around in her yellow fiat. I was maybe 2? 3?}

{I loved this song so much that my birthday cake that year said "Happy Birthday Jessie's Girl"}

{Somewhere in the world there a cassette tape of three year old me singing this. How cute am I, right?}

What are some of your earliest musical memories?


mimi the zookeeper - said...

Riddle: how do you get a 50 year old mom to cry at noon on a spring like friday?...

Answer: play her daughter's favorite music from when she was 3 and wish with all her heart her daughter was that age again...just for one more day.

believe it or not, jessie's girl. love ya.

Nana said...

How about a grandmother/mom
wishing Mimi the zookeeper was that age again...Love you Both...
I miss "The Greatest American Hero"what ever happened to him?
(William Katt, that is)

Love ya, Nana


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