Friday, April 2, 2010

Because your Easter basket treats are tucked away for a few more days

Enjoy a bit of internet sweetness until then:

I have three of Sharon Montrose's B-E-A-UTIFUL prints already hanging in my home.  It looks like now I need a fourth.  See the video of her photographing the giraffe for the first time here.

Another photographer/artist/father's work I truly admire is Ryan Marshall from Pacing the Panic Room.  He does such an amazing job documenting his family with pictures, videos and writing.  His blog always adds such light to my day.  Recently he added a video piecing together special moments to "freeze" the memories and milestones his family has been making recently.  Grab some tissues and WATCH IT NOW.  It is truly breathtaking.  (Also check out the pregnancy series he did while his wife Cole was pregnant with their daughter.  Again BREATHTAKING work.)

PEEPS BUNTING!!!  Need I say more???  Find the tutorial here.

Have a wonderful Easter weekend everyone!!

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