Monday, April 19, 2010

Missing Evan

It's the Monday morning after Evan's spring break.
Back to work. 
Back to longing for summer.

We had a wonderful week last week just hanging around enjoying the BEAUTIFUL weather, getting Miller a passport (it took fifteen shots, but he has THE cutest passport photo EVER!), playdates, having grown up playdates, walks, lunches at Senor Fish and Red Robin and lots and lots of snuggles.

Evan finalized his week off by meeting up with some Northern California pals along the Central Coast for a biking/ camping trip.  Sans the wife and kid.  (Stay tuned for a guest post from him about it!) 

{Miller attempting to distract Evan from making his weekend getaway plans.}
{Miller and Bea}
{Miller and Caitlin}
{Miller again trying to draw Ev's attention away from prepping for the bike trip.}

Here are some highlights of our weekend without Evan:
{The best bed head cowlick yet!}
{Tiny ducklings at the petting zoo}
{Picnic with Mom}

Miller and I survived, truly enjoyed our time together and managed to still stay good friends by the end of the weekend.

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