Monday, May 17, 2010

Do your heart a favor

To continue the birthday celebration, Evan and I went on a bona fide date here this past weekend.  And by "bona fide date" I mean we called to check on Miller at least twice.  (He was suffering from a rather snotty head cold.  Which I now have.  Thank you very much.) 

Unlike Tina and Steve, we had a reservation.  We were on time and ready to stuff our faces with chimichurri, steak and "panqueques".  Unfortunately, our table was not.  Because we looked so swanky and cool, the host offered to buy us a drink while we waited.  And by "looked so swanky and cool" I mean we gave him "I hate you eyes" when he told us we'd have to wait.  We sat down at the bar, he poured us each a glass of Don David Malbec and MAN OH MAN was I glad we had to wait. 

I'm not a wine expert by any means.  I know what I don't like, I know what I love and I know what I'll drink when I only have two bucks to spend.  But I do know that this wine is divine.  So smooth.  Almost creamy.  The perfect balance of a rich red without the heaviness.  I'm now on a Los Angeles hunt to find this wine and stock up (and by "stock up" I mean HOARD).

If you see it anywhere in the Southern California area LET ME KNOW.  Pretty please. 
If you see it anywhere else, buy it, order it off the menu, bathe in it.

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