Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Happy First Birthday Miller!

If I sat and allowed myself to soak in how breathtakingly amazing this last year has been, my heart might actually explode.  Instead, I watch him point the television remote at the dog and hear him babble spells out to her furry ears.


Both Heidi and I are mesmerized.

He places a paper grocery bag on his head and giggles beneath its shield.  I find it to be the most profound, stimulating, graceful, intentional action I've seen in weeks.

SmackSmackSmackSmack knees and palms glide across the floor and I hold myself back from biting off all of his toes.  I could so easily consume him.

Evan's on his way home to celebrate this milestone.    Miller has no idea what today is.  What it means.  
This detail.  This miracle.  One little year.

Defiant protests and he's attempting to overtake the computer-suyrbfuiycgfvxnvmcbzdjiwgfdskgiuerygviuweylkfhkh b mnljhv jhfahgf gfakjajkjfad.  Success!!
Maybe he longs to be a writer too.

SmackSmackSmackSmack and he's down the hall finding independence.  My throat tightens, eyes start to itch and I'm at a loss for words.  What a gift.

Happy birthday Miller.

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mimi the zookeeper - said...

good thing i can type; as i cannot speak....i'm off to find some tissues because i think something got in my eyes and they are watering to no end!

Happiest of first birthdays...and to a lifetime of them...special special miller.


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