Monday, October 4, 2010

Just how long can you lounge around eating ice cream before it's time to hang your clothes, wash dishes and clean your bathroom?

After a rather indulgent weekend (Oktoberfest, Jack in the Box tacos, new record player needles?) I'm pretending that today is not "Get your butt in gear and be productive Monday."

I'm continuing to give myself a few more moments to (pretend) to indulge in pretty [cool] things.
{CUTEST. BUSINESS CARDS. EVER. Personalized illustrated notecards and calling cards from Rifle Paper Co.}
{CUTEST. EARRINGS. EVER. Kate Spade "All Wrapped Up Studs"}

{CUTEST. WREATH. EVER. From ItzFitz etsy shop}

1 comment:

mimi the zookeeper - said...

ok. out of this post, all i got was "jack in the box tacos"! are you kidding me? blech! :{


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