Thursday, January 20, 2011

See, I can be a productive person!

(**Disclaimer: DO NOT read this post until Saturday if you are a bridesmaid in Erin's wedding this weekend.  DO read this post if you enjoy cute pink crafty brooches.)

When I planned my own wedding (8 years ago!!), there were no etsy sites or awesome wedding blogs on the internet to be lost in.  I remember holding my DIY heart back, afraid of being viewed as having an immature, kitschy and cheap looking wedding.  I would smack that fearful gal upside the head now, shocking her back into diving heartfirst into crafting a day to showcase every detail, hope and reason why marrying your best friend is always a good idea.

It's a good thing my oldest friend who LOVES a good DIY crafty idea has blessed me with standing next to her this weekend as her matron of honor.

Check out these super adorable (and super simple!!) brooches and/or hairpins we've made for the bridesmaids to wear on the big day:

Supplies needed for each pin:
{3 graduated sized circles of tulle, 3 graduated sized circles of poly-silk blend fabric (with lightly singed edges from a lighter to help seal edges as well as creating a "petal like curling" effect), vintage rhinestone button (secured with thread), pin (secured with thread)}

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