Thursday, March 15, 2012

Hunting: Backyard

It's been only a week. 
Maybe I'm a little overly optimistic, but so far the house hunting adventure hasn't felt too far over our heads.
Again, it's only been a week.

Today I'm focusing on yard space and the potential for great elements to entertain, picnic in the breeze, and grow a few vegetables.

I hope you'll enjoy joining me today.
Oh the many meals we'd eat in a spot like this... (via Design Sponge)
Dressing up a plain wooden fence...(via Sunset)
Adding a bit of lit up marble magic to that plain wooden fence...(via Garden Drama)
Awesome website that instructs you when and where to plant your garden customized to your zip code...(via Sprout Robot)

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Better life said...

It seems we´re dreaming of the same...


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