Thursday, December 2, 2010


I always have high hopes that weeks before December 1st that I'd have hours and hours of energy to dedicate to Christmas crafts and all around hand touched wonderfulness.

This is never the case.

The weeks leading up to the holidays are always filled with late night wrapping paper sessions, fights over parking spots at Michael's, tri state area wide hunts for Trader Joe's puff pastry sheets.  It's madness.  But I still love it.

Maybe it's a few days behind schedule, but that hand touched perfect advent calendar is just around the corner... As soon as I get Evan to spray paint the blocks.  :)

(Mix a little "How Does She-Block Idea #6" with a little "Momtastic-Chalkboard Block Puzzle")  
{5 wooden blocks I found at a thrift store meet krylon black chalkboard paint!!}
P.S. Delia Creates had another awesome advent calender idea too.  She's wrapped a Christmas book for each day.  So sweet! 
Another great reason for me to buy more books. Thanks, Delia! :)

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