Monday, December 13, 2010

It's about to get crafty up in here!

Erin's shower this weekend went off without a hitch thanks to some dear friends that co-hosted along with me.  (As well as a dear friend who came by to help with some pre shower set up.  Thanks again, Summer!)

Erin is one of the most vibrant colorful ladies I know, so it was only fitting to throw her a shower filled with pops of primary bright colors (accented by dominant white as the color foundation). 
{Demolished, but deliciously moist and colorful cake}
The centerpieces were simple swirled paper flowers around a candle along white butcher paper table runners.

I used this tutorial from the blog dozi for the flowers to create a table setting similar to this one from emersonmade (found via sara's party perfect blog).  Not only was this SO easy, but I now have a bag of hundreds of flowers to decorate packages or anything else my heart desires!  Get ready, Christmas presents!
{Flowers being put to good use a day later}
Because the swirled paper flowers were so easy (and so cute!) I made (with the help of some crafty gals) nametags for each guest with colorful swirled felt flowers attached to pins and a strip of paper.
{Erin's pin was the large clustered one in front.  The guests wore the singular flower version.}
{"Famous Couples" collage centering Erin and her fiance, Ernie, greeted the guests as they arrived.}
I'm not a fan of shower games or mixers (bridal or baby or what have you).  What I am a fan of is that shower games are a way for the guests to learn more about each other and their relationship to the guest of honor.  So instead of word scrambles or toilet paper brides or whatever silly game there is, we had the guests share "Erin, I love you because..." reasons as she opened each present.  Erin also had to give one reason she loved her fiance for each present she opened.  This allowed for all of us to get a deeper sense of why we all love this couple so much.  I also had the groom give me a list of "Erin, I love you because..." reasons which I then read to her as a surprise after all the presents were opened.
{"I love you because..." cards for the guests to fill out and share}
It is such an awesome honor to be Erin's MOH.  Helping to throw her this shower was a tangible way for me to share with her and the other women who love her how special she truly is to me.   

P.S. I didn't take as many pictures as I would have liked on Saturday due to indoor lighting, my hatred for flash, my shaky camera hands, and my longing to appreciate and experience the day with my own eyes rather than through my viewfinder.  Also, Susan (who co-hosted along with me) is an AMAZING photographer with a great camera and a greater eye.  I'll definitely link and/or post to her pictures soon. 

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