Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Monday Motivators

We saw a woman washing her hair with street water today.  She sat at the edge of the grass using a cup to scoop up running water.  Over and over she poured cupfuls through her hands and down her head.  WE SAW A WOMAN WASHING HER HAIR WITH STREET WATER TODAY!

I couldn't breathe.  In slow motion my eyes strained to capture the absurdity, the sorrow of what was happening.  Typing this image now, I'm again at a loss for breath.

A roof to warm, space to spread, ground to name- it's becoming a constant challenge to keep myself from bursting into tears when I think of the enormity of what a home of our own represents.

And then at the same time, I realize it's only a house.  That roof to warm, space to spread, ground to name is simply just a house.
A home, our home, has been here all along.

I am blessed.
I am blessed.

There will never EVER be enough breath for me to come close to showing how thankful I am.

Now go breathe in your family, your friends, your home.  Because you, dear reader, are so blessed too.


Nessa Bixler said...

Oh my, what a blessing a home is...

MamaMeg said...

I guess you know what you will be doing every weekend from here one out:) congrats to you both. So excited to see all your decorating ideas. Post lots of pics please!


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