Monday, August 1, 2011

Keep your head in the clouds

I'm a dreamer.  It took me years to take ownership of that and not feel faulted by it. 
I'll take as many years as I need to to make sure my kids take ownership of it too.

I'm hoping this mobile I just finished for the little gal is a constant reminder for her to always keep looking up and allow herself to be defined as a dreamer too.
{I traced and cut 2 layers of felt with cardstock cloud shapes, wrapped the inside of an embroidery hoop with yarn, and blanket stitched and stuffed the felt layers.}
{Hung the clouds to the hoop with white thread and criss-crossed clear thread at the top of the hoop to center balance the mobile to the ceiling.}
{Floating in the late afternoon sun*}
*Pink photo series above the crib are the 5x5 versions of these from the beautiful etsy shop of one of my favorite blogs Little Brown Pen.  The photo above doesn't even do them justice.  The chunk of drywall missing under the last picture on the right doesn't do them justice either.  :)

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