Monday, August 1, 2011

Monday Motivators

8 years tomorrow.  what a couple of kids we were.  2922 days behind us.  millions more ahead.  what are you most proud of this week?

i'm curled up on the couch waiting to watch the bachelorette finale!  finally an end to this trainwreck.  are you watching it too??? 

except for washing a load of blankets and a good ol' car detail, i'd say our little family is beyond ready to meet its newest member.  2 weeks from today or sooner?  what's your guess?

waking up earlier than i'd like can be tough.  waking up to "wook it, mommy"  or "kisth me, mommy" is not.  what makes your early morning risings easier?

9 months preggers and i finally decided to rock the vintage sequined tube top dress that's been waiting patiently in my closet for about 8 years.  my watermelon belly only made it that much more bad ass.  what have you bad ass-y rocked lately? 

have you seen these pictures???  not only do they cause me to lust after a beachy swimming retreat, but i desperately want an underwater camera shell ASAP!  what have you seen lately that's wanderlusting you and/or you're ready to drop some serious cash on?

my good pal julie's getting married.  no further explanations needed to feel uber excited for that one.
speaking of good pal's though, sequined tube topped dress was rocked for a lovely LOVELY mini shower some of my besties threw for me this weekend.  i am still glowing from feeling so celebrated.  pictures and details to be posted soon.  what has you glowing this week?

and best of all- dinosaurs.

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