Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Barky Bark

Confession- I'm not a good baker.
In fact I'm a pretty lousy, lazy and very impatient baker.
Which is why come holiday season (or any and all seasons I find justifiable for eating and sharing sweets), I always stick with my go to chocolate barks.  (No peppermint bark recipes here since my pregnancy with Miller permanently turned me off.  My stomach is literally knotting up as I type this.  YUCK!)

My photos may not as pretty as these ones from Poppytalk.  (Honestly?!  With toffee too?!  I wish I would have thought of that!)

But it is just as simple.
And it takes less than 5 minutes.
And I promise you just as delicious.

5 Easy Steps, Endless Possibilities
Melt good quality chocolate (double boiler or microwave for 30 second increments)
Stir in fixings
Spread out on parchment lined cookie sheet
Cool in fridge
Break into bite size pieces 
{The stand by crowd pleasers: semi sweet chocolate chips with crushed pretzels, white chocolate chips with crushed oreos}

What's your favorite holiday treat to share?


Maryrose said...

Yum! Do I spy marshmallows, too?

My favorites are molasses cookies; my mother-in-law's recipe, and peanut brittle.

mimi the zookeeper - said...

uh. that better be headed to my house this weekend. just saying. xo


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