Thursday, December 1, 2011

"Treat Yo Self 2011" (AKA this year's advent calendar)

I'm proud to be ahead of the advent game this year.
And by "ahead" I mean finishing just before midnight last night.
That counts enough in my book.

Taking inspiration from this pin, I had an 11x14 white canvas lounging around so I covered it in 24 squares of felt- gluing only along the vertical sides and bottoms to make tiny pockets, cut out and glued on some numbers (this was the most tedious part.  thank goodness for small scissors and entertaining shows on my dvr.), and finally tucked in some teeny chocolate santas.  (The pockets are pretty small, so if you'd like bigger treats, I would suggest starting out with a larger canvas.)

Once the kids are older and more heartily involved in the holidays, I'd love to tuck notes and poems and other holiday acts of kindness into the pockets.  Until then, chocolates will just have to do.  Darn.  :)

**Update: Wondering where to place our new advent calendar, I remembered I had some strips of magnets. They easily attached to the back of the canvas and now we have a great holiday reminder greeting us on our refrigerator.

1 comment:

mimi the zookeeper - said...

i think you should put it on the bottom half of your fridge, so the little guy can reach it more easily. sheesh! :)

p.s. your creativity puts me to shame. bravo on another amazing project! xoxo


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