Friday, December 9, 2011

Evan just made a batch of cookies for me. Too bad I can't smell them.

I'm sick.  Evan's sick too.
Fever, chills, congestion.
Oh, and I have pinkeye.
I feel awesome. 

We now have super plans this weekend.
Plans that involve couch naps and movie watching.
And eating cookies.
And blowing our noses a lot.

Speaking of couch naps and movie watching... we started Christmas decorating this week.  Now our fevered (and my pink) eyes can lazily glance up from the couch and dream of far off wintry villages. 
{Thrifted ceramic holiday houses}
{Houses now painted white}
{What Miller lovingly refers to as "Christmastown".  Tree forest from Ikea, ceramic houses and glass church thrifted.}


Dev and Summer said...

I LOVE what you did with the thrifted houses. I was just talking to my mom today about how I wanted a Christmas village like the one she had, but this one is way more stylish.

Nessa said...

Oh my... I have put this away to copy later. Love those houses painted white. Hope you feel better soon.

abbey said...

love the houses painted white!


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