Tuesday, June 1, 2010

"I do my moves. I do my dance moves!"

One of Evan's (and my own early) birthday presents this year was tickets to the Hollywood Bowl to see Flight of the Conchords.

It may or may not have been in order to buy this new insulated picnic tote. (From Homegoods if you are coveting.)

Regardless of the reason for going to the concert, my cheeks are still aching from smiling throughout the entire show.  (My feet still ache too, but that's because I hiked to the Bowl from Hollywood & Highland in uncomfortable, yet [as Evan reassured me twice] sexy shoes.)

If for some reason you have no idea who I'm taking about, watch these videos.  If you know who they are, watch the videos too.

WARNING: will cause aching cheeks!!  Maybe aching feet too


Summer said...

My personal favorite is this one.

mimi the zookeeper - said...

damn! see this is why i miss having hbo! i can't stop laughing at how FLIPPING FUNNY these guys are! (sugar lumps is sooo funny!)

dulci said...

I love Flight of the Conchords - so good!!



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