Friday, June 25, 2010

Dear criminals who broke into my Nana's home,

Really?  You can walk through someone's home like that, tossing aside seventy seven years worth of memories and confidence and safety in a matter of minutes?  Did your heart twist at all when you pocketed a handful of crosses and wedding bands?  Was there any sense of sadness while you dumped out photos and letters and words not meant for you?

How lost your life must be.  How lonely your heart must be.  
I don't pray very often.  But I pray for you.

Instead of tears, you've given me cause to celebrate.  To celebrate that I am surrounded by great, full lives.  That I have been impacted and motivated to move forward.  Where we've found connection, you've found pockets full of emptiness.

Again, I don't pray very often.  But I pray for you.



I love you Nana.  I'd fight them all for you.  I'm scrappy like that.  :)

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