Monday, March 28, 2011

Monday Motivators

"that outfit's cute but you have v.p.o.b.b.l" (translation: "visible popped out belly button line")
anticipation to celebrate a good (and very talented) friend and her newest addition
anticipation for another great gals "weekend" ahead
guess who has a new phone she's geeking over ?!?  :)
coming home to hear "yeah, those twilight movies aren't so bad."
greeted with an enthusiastic "mama! mama! mama!" and a big hug while at work
date night dodger game
watching your toddler try to wear his teeny tiny newborn onesie as a hat

i'd love to know what treats are motivating you this week?

1 comment:

ERIN said...

1. Getting to see Invisible Creature + The Black Heart Procession this weekend at the Casbah (art & music show).

2. Working on my resume

3. Hopefully getting to see you soon with your v.p.o.b.b.l :)


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