Thursday, March 3, 2011

Nesting- a lifelong effort

I've been itching for spring.
For growth.  For change.  For newness.

The first step for me to scratch is at home.
Just a few movements here, a little rearranging there.
A little change in my nest definitely helps to inspire a warm, brightness in me.
{Hutch collections in need of dusting, simplifying and grounding.}
{Hutch dusted, pared down and cookbooks displayed and centered with pops of red.}
One spring task down.  Only a few hundred more to go.
I'd love to find a piece to hang on the wall above the pitchers.  Something long and horizontal?  Words maybe?  Anyone seen anything lately I should know about?

What's been on your spring to do list?


Jessi said...

I love that hutch! I have been looking for one for awhile and can never find anything I like

Amy said...

thanks, jessi! we found that hutch at an antique store in northern california. it was in a sad, sad state with chipped orangey veneer. a few coats of fresh paint brightened it right up and we've loved it ever since too!


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