Friday, April 22, 2011

Fun with Applique (A.K.A. don't read if you're our nieces we're having dinner with tonight or you are having a baby shower tomorrow)

I've been busy catching up on a few projects this week.  A couple of them being to finish some applique and iron on presents. 

Thanks to Evan's help (he made sure to watch UFC fights while he stitched to off set the pink and purple sewing awesomeness), we finally finished the personalized blankets we gave promised our nieces we'd finish Christmas of 2009.  Better late than never.

I bought cozy, soft and super cheap bright colored throw blankets from TJ Maxx, cut out some fabric letters and stitched away.  They are a little more "rustic" looking than I would have liked, but hopefully that adds to their specialness.
{Anythings always cuter with your own name on it.}
Guess what else is super cute?
{Iron on tie onesies for a friend's soon to be born little boy}
With some iron on transfer paper, a little cardstock template and some boyish fabric, I was able to add a little something extra to that (always much needed!) target giftcard I'm giving the Mom (of 2) to be. 

And the thought of a little chubby baby rocking a necktie always puts a smile on my face.

I hope you have a great weekend celebrating easter, passover, chocolate peanut butter eggs and whatever else!

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