Sunday, April 17, 2011

Spring Breakin'

I hope you didn't miss me too much this week.  :)
We've been busy soaking in some lovely spring sunshine and Evan's lovely daytime company.
{I'm working on this watercolor calendar; Miller working on the masterpiece he titled "Bread"}
{California living at it's finest- In & Out burgers and sunshine miniature golf}
{Finally organizing my jewelry space after living here for over a year.  Hopefully, this organization will get me to start accessorizing more often.}
{Antique frame + scrap of window screen spray painted white = perfect way to proudly display (part) of my earring collection.  And yes, those are a pair of unicorn earrings.}
{"COCO!! COCO!! COCO!!" He's just as tall (and, may I add, rather handsome) in person.}

{Travel Towning with some pals.}
{Loving every second}

P.S. Miller's "engineer" shortalls in the Travel Town pictures are from this great vintage kids clothing shop, Little Reader Vintage. Her stuff is too adorable to resist!


Aron said...

Your kid is so cute! :)
I still am having trouble believing ours is just a few months away!


Amy said...

thanks, aron!

get ready for your heart to grow about 3000 times bigger the first time you see your own little one's face. :)


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