Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Vacay! (Even if it's just for one night. And even if it's just 20 some miles away.)

I consider myself so lucky, blessed and truly honored to be friends with so many amazing, inspiring, caring and honest women in all areas of my life.

I'm even more blessed that a handful of these gals have known me in different stages of "me learning me".  Some of these gals have seen me at my worst.  Some only my better parts.  But they all seem to love me still the same.

I owe them each the universe.  Or at least a few good cups of coffee.

Lucky for me, a few of my closest gals have decided to get together once a year to recharge ourselves a bit.  Last year we lounged poolside near Palm Springs.  This year we craved a subtle beach breeze and hit up Venice Beach. 
{Soaking in the sun and breeze}
{Games, giggles (check out our sweet hipster hotel digs!) and quality gals. (Thanks Amy T. for these last 2 shots!)}

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