Monday, April 25, 2011

Monday Motivators

I'm swimming in deeper waters again this week to appreciate another close to my heart motivator...  I promise, shallow, cute, mundane bits will be appreciated in the future too.  :)

I've shared many times before how grateful, blessed and proud I am to be friends with and even related to (by blood and marriage) so many awesome quality people.  What I'm even more grateful, blessed and proud of is that throughout the years of friendship I've had with so many of these awesome ladies and gents, we've been able to watch each other "grow up".

We are all changing.  Shifting.  Moving forward on different paths.

And although we are each living lives so separate from the other, I trust our friendship,
whether its one of many years or of many months
or whether its one that spends time together many times a week or meets after many months apart,
keeps us bond,
and sincerely loved.

Evan has a weak spot when it comes to watching movies or television.  Never fail, whenever a character enters a room filled with people and there's a great sense of pride and excitement and love to see that character, Evan's eyes tear up and he's lost in that moment.  My eyes tear up and I'm lost in that moment.  (Finale of "Lost", end of RUDY, etc)

"We are all really glad you are here."

I am really glad you are all here.   
Thanks for being my friend.

*P.S.  Here's the banana split I attempted to finish to motivate you this week too

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