Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Every day is something new

I caught Evan with a melancholy stare toward Miller last night.

"He's growing up."
I put my fork down, joined the stare and let sadness and pride choke my throat.

And then Miller threw his dinner plate on the floor and begged "peaz"es to get down from his chair.

He'll be two in one month.  Today he's perfecting the art of eating cereal without spilling milk down his chest.  Soon he'll be tying shoelaces, reading, times tables, stick shifts, college applications, pick up lines, rent checks...

I could so easily get lost in how quickly he's growing up.  I could so easily miss out in how quickly he's growing up.

It's beautiful and it's terrifying.

I wouldn't want it to be anything less.

1 comment:

mimi the zookeeper - said...

you know what i like most about miller pictures? the boy doesn't seem to own any pants. gotta love that. xoxo


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