Thursday, June 30, 2011

Put a stamp on it

I love the look of linoleum cuts (or woodcuts).
But I don't always love the pricetag supplies for lino cuts can often have.

Especially when I just want it to stamp a party invitation for Miller's upcoming 2nd birthday.  And would much rather use the extra cash to buy him a fun present.

So I opted for a much MUCH cheaper option by carving an image into a thick sheet of craft foam.  So easy.  So only 99 cents.

Here's what I did:
  • Cut foam to stamp size I wanted
  • Pencil drew a simple image onto foam (remembering that whatever you draw needs to be a mirror image)
  • Carved image with an exacto knife.  (At first I thought I would need to actually carve out the lines [see the tent], but I quickly realized that the foam surface itself becomes compromised just by simply slicing into it)
  • Evenly painted watercolors onto stamp for each press
  • Pressed stamp onto already printed party invites
{Finished products}
With all the extra foam I had, I then made a set of alphabet stamps for Miller (and myself) to enjoy.

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