Wednesday, June 22, 2011

(Grand) Father's Day needs crafty goodies too

The ladies had their turns last month.
It was now time to turn Miller's (limited) crafting attentions to his three Papas.
I purchased some plain white mugs and let Miller go nuts with my porcelain paint pens.  (FYI the paint your own mug kits at craft stores are not washable or even food safe.  "For decorative use only" for a mug equals "Lame" to me.)  We let them dry for the proper 24 hours and then baked them to seal the paint and make them dishwasher friendly. 

It's nothing profound or even that fresh of an idea, but they sure turned out cute, purposeful and budget friendly.  All the best criteria for a good gift in my book.

1 comment:

Nessa said...

They are adorable! I am think Christmas gifts... hmm.


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