Monday, June 20, 2011

Monday Motivators (TMI edition?)

we had a momentary scare this weekend with a trip to the hospital, too much pelvic pressure and consistently strong contractions.  after a few tests and a check-ity check, the scare diminished into something a lot of fluids and some antibiotics could fix.  we're so excited to meet this little lady, but will patiently and non bedrest-y enjoy these next 8ish weeks waiting for her.

why am i still watching the bachelorette???  please tell me i'm not the only one...

coming home from an afternoon of work to evan's delicious homemade mac and cheese

refreshing our apartment patio by cleaning out the dead DEAD D.E.A.D dried out plants

guess who busted out the large pregnancy granny undies this week and is LOVING it?  pretty sure it's not the most mutual love within my marriage right now...

if left on my own, i just might drink a gallon of milk.  by myself.  everyday.  who am i right now?

i chose to rest my feet tonight and watch junk television instead of doing a few loads of laundry.  i feel no guilt about it at all.  looks like miller might be wearing his swim trunks tomorrow

enjoying a good cry after watching BLUE VALENTINE.  man, oh man, that is an intense/touching/honest movie.  p.s. ryan gosling still looks good even with a receding hairline.

celebrating the awesome father/best friend/role model that evan is in my life.  part of the joy i get from extending our family is knowing that these little lives get to grow up supported and loved by him.  these are some of the luckiest kids i know.

concentrating on the things you love doing

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