Monday, June 6, 2011

Monday Motivators

i felt like an a-hole this week after calling a co-worker another name numerous times throughout the day.  panic and embarrassment set in at about 5am the next morning when i realized my mistake.  the things you remember when you're peeing in the middle of the night... 

little imperfections like that tend to set off domino effects and pretty soon i'm tumbling down the rabbit hole of all the regrets, losses and potholes i've walked upon throughout my life. 

it's a good thing that lately a simple smile can tug me back out of those often deep pits.

and helping evan shop for new clothes.

and birthday celebrations for friends.

and first outings (that don't involve doctors or trips to cvs) with a new (and naturally amazing!) mom.

and chocolate.

and hearing miller's whispering feet creep down the hallway each morning.  even when it's too early for my tired eyes.

and reading damn you auto correct.  ("...grandma wants you to pick up some smurf herpes on your way home...")

and clean highchairs.
What's helping tug you out of your tumbles lately?

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