Friday, May 13, 2011

(Grand) Mother's Day Goods

Now that Miller's much more involved in kid friendly crafting, I wanted to make sure that he helped with this year's Mother's Day treats for his three grandmas.

I had him paint (with some practice and some help) terra cotta pots with outdoor/waterproof acrylic paints.

Maybe it was the color blend or his technique, but I'm a bit in love with his finished portion.  I'm thinking of finding some dishes or tiles for coasters or something for him to paint for our own home.  Any other ideas?
{Practicing on cardboard and annoyed with paint on his belly}
{Almost done and waiting for Grandma}


ERIN said...

Cute idea Ames!

Nessa said...

those are adorable!

Nessa said...

This is adorable... what about just him painting a canvas?

Summer said...

I love these! And I want to copy this idea...


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