Friday, May 20, 2011

It's a beautiful day and we're stuck inside waiting for the cable guy. Again.

Staying inside is however forcing me to finish some more etsy goodies (vintage treasures and postcard notecard sets) I've been meaning to post (and had promised).  Most items should be up by this evening.  Stay tuned.  :)

Until then, check out these vintage pictures I found at an antique store when Evan and I were in Santa Barbara
{Miller better get cracking on some chores.  This kid's what?  Maybe 2?}
{Yes, that is a gun and a dead bird in this (maybe?) 4 year old's hands}
{Siblings?  Pals?  Cute, definitely!}
{Nothing says mother son bonding then a little archery practice}
{This beautiful day calls for some croquet.  And some sweet white knee high socks.}
I usually steer away from vintage photos.  Something about them creeps me out.  Like I'm bringing a bit of the ghost of someone into my home.

The adorable lawn mower guy was on top of the picture pile and I couldn't resist.  The deeper I picked, the more I fell in love with this group of munchkins.  I ended up with ten great shots of these great kids.

What do you think I should do with all these pictures?  What's a honorable and decorative way to display the cuteness that is in these photographs?

P.S. Speaking of cuteness...
{He's not holding a rifle or dead bird, but that same look of pride sweeps across his cheeks as he shows off his "what else can I fit into my crib?" collection.}

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